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  1. Electra Room Divider | Creative Furniture
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A room divider is a beautiful and functional accent piece to include in your home’s décor. They add a touch of sophistication and charm to any space where they are placed. Modern room dividers have a practical purpose as well. They are capable of instantly transforming one bedroom into two or even separating living and dining areas. Read MoreShopping for room dividers is exciting because you get to decide on things such as the number of panels, level of privacy, design, height, materials, features, etc. At Creative Furniture Store, we’ve got an awe-inspiring collection of modern & contemporary room dividers. We’re sure you’ll definitely find one to suit your personal style and décor. Our collection features folding dividers, hanging room dividers, or even a small scale divider. These may be built from bamboo, glass, wood, wrought iron, metal and even canvas. In terms of design, we have a wide variety ranging from something subtle to highly intricate such as vintage, floral, animal print, aquatic, beach, landscape and tribal. In addition, some dividers are equipped with extra features like photo displays, shelves, blinds, mirrors, etc. To shop for exquisite modern room dividers, browse through our extensive collection! Show Less