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  1. BDI Sequel 20 6107 Mobile File Cabinet
    As low as $799.00
  2. BDI Sequel 20 6108 Compact Desk Back Panel
    As low as $299.00
  3. BDI Sequel 20 6109 Console / Laptop Desk Back Panel
    As low as $309.00
  4. BDI Sequel 20 6151 Standing Desk
    As low as $2,099.00
  5. BDI Sequel 20 6152 Standing Desk
    As low as $2,399.00
  6. BDI Sequel 20 6159 Keyboard / Storage Drawer
    As low as $299.00
  7. BDI Elements 8777-CO Storage Console
    As low as $3,099.00
  8. BDI Elements 8777-ME Media Cabinet
    As low as $3,099.00
  9. BDI Elements 8779-CO Storage Console
    As low as $3,499.00
  10. BDI Elements 8779-ME Media Cabinet
    As low as $3,499.00
  11. BDI Terrace 1150 Square Coffee Table
    As low as $1,299.00
  12. BDI Terrace 1152 Rectangular Coffee Table, Natural Walnut
    Special Price $1,199.00 Regular Price $1,685.00
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In BDI, you'll find a collection of furniture pieces that are unique, functional and great looking. BDI Home Theater furniture is engineered to  meet the demanding needs of today's electronics, and do so while enriching the home and the home theater experience. BDI was the first to  introduce innovations such as hidden wheels, adjustable shelves, cable management and flow-through ventilation as standard features. A  BDI Home Theater system successfully merges functional innovation with original and exciting Design.