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  1. Modway Leisure Upholstered Lounge Chair
    As low as $449.00
  2. Modway Crown Vintage French Upholstered Fabric Accent Chair
    As low as $368.00
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Nothing beats the glorious feeling of kicking back on modern lounge chairs on a lazy, Sunday morning! Now you can experience this luxurious feeling too with Creative Furniture Store’s amazing collection of lounge chairs.

After laboring for most of the week, everyone deserves at least one day where they feel pampered; and lounge chairs do just that! Modern lounge chairs are the perfect accent chair for any space. Even though most accent chairs are smaller, lounge chairs add color and style as well as luxurious seating experience! At Creative Furniture Store, we have hundreds of unique lounge chair designs to suit your tastes, including gloriously comforting outdoor lounge chairs. They each vary in style, design, color and material. So go ahead and pick your favorite lounge chair!