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Sectional Sofas

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  1. Cortex RITMO Sectional Sofa with Left Facing Chaise
    Special Price $2,499.00 Regular Price $2,799.00
  2. Cortex 625 Leather Sectional
    As low as $4,717.00
  3. Cortex ROPIK Sectional Sleeper Sofa
    As low as $3,599.00
  4. Cortex 1717 Leather Sectional
    As low as $5,151.00
  5. A973B Sectional In Black Leather | J&M Furniture
    As low as $3,380.00
  6. Cortex A761 Sectional in Black
    As low as $4,372.00
  7. A761 Sectional in Brown by J&M Furniture
    As low as $4,372.00
  8. Cortex A761 Sectional in Grey Leather
    As low as $4,372.00
  9. Cortex Aurora Leather Sectional
    As low as $4,372.00
  10. Cortex Agata Leather Sectional Recliner
    As low as $5,773.00
  11. Cortex Allegra Leather Sectional Recliner
    As low as $5,195.00
  12. Ariana Sectional Recliner | J&M Furniture
    As low as $4,332.00
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Sectional Sofas are a significant addition to living rooms. These are larger in size than the traditional options and are designed to furnish bigger spaces. The feature that sets it apart from the regular sofas is it wraps around to fit in different living room arrangements.

The sectional sofas are broader and spacious in shape and make for a relaxed and laid-back seating option. It is typically designed to accommodate more people at a time. These utility factors go far in deciding the persona and feel of sectional sofas and are visible in the design and craft they feature.

At creative furniture, we have a huge variety of contemporary sectional sofas, modern sectional sofas, modular sectional sofas, and traditional living room sectional sofas to suit different preferences and needs of a domestic setting. Our sectional sofas are designed to serve the latest trends and traits in furniture craft. With us, you get to have a precisely picked range of sectional sofas built with high-quality material served by top furniture labels. When you order with us consider it shipped on time and with great safety across all major cities and towns in the US.