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Sit Stand Desks

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  1. BDI Stance 6650 Standing Desk
    Special Price $1,799.00 Regular Price $2,525.00
  2. BDI Stance 6651 Standing Desk
    Special Price $1,899.00 Regular Price $2,665.00
  3. BDI Stance 6652 Standing Desk
    Special Price $1,999.00 Regular Price $2,805.00
  4. BDI Sequel 20 6151 Standing Desk
    As low as $2,099.00
  5. BDI Sequel 20 6152 Standing Desk
    As low as $2,399.00
  6. BDI Centro 6451 Lift Desk
    Special Price $2,099.00 Regular Price $2,945.00
  7. BDI Centro 6452 Lift Desk
    Special Price $2,399.00 Regular Price $3,365.00
  8. BDI Centro 6459 Storage Drawer for model 6452
    Special Price $299.00 Regular Price $425.00
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Sit stand desks are made for convenience, practicality and form; all rolled into a single piece of furniture.When you have to work for extended periods of time, you can expect many postural problems to occur. Not so with sit stand desks! These functional desks encourage you to regularly change your posture from sitting to standing throughout the course of your work day. They are a convenient solution that encourages position change-over quite easily.

Our range of sit stand desks enable you to adjust the table height with ease. We have desks ranging from regular rectangle shapes to corner desks, triangle shaped ones and even L-shaped. All our desks provide ample surface space for you to work effortlessly with the added utility of height adjustment. Sit stand desks are an excellent option for professional as well as home offices.

They are easily complemented by other office furnishings such as office chairs, filing cabinets, credenzas and multi-functional cabinets. Improve your health and productivity with practically designed sit stand desks from Creative Furniture Store.