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  1. BDI Semblance Four-Section Storage 5404-GB
    As low as $6,030.00
  2. BDI Sequel 20 6151 Standing Desk
    As low as $2,099.00
  3. BDI Sequel 20 6159 Keyboard / Storage Drawer
    As low as $299.00
  4. BDI Sequel 20 6107 Mobile File Cabinet
    As low as $799.00
  5. BDI Sequel 20 6108 Compact Desk Back Panel
    As low as $299.00
  6. BDI Sequel 20 6109 Console / Laptop Desk Back Panel
    As low as $309.00
  7. BDI Sequel 20 6152 Standing Desk
    As low as $2,399.00
  8. BDI Semblance 5413-PD Office System
    As low as $5,699.00
  9. BDI Semblance 5413-PN Office System
    As low as $5,465.00
  10. BDI Modica 6347 Mobile File Pedestal, Natural Walnut
    Special Price $1,399.00 Regular Price $1,965.00
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Modern Office Furniture

Office furniture that you will need first consists of a computer desk, storage or shelving, and a computer chair. The computer desk is the keystone of your home office, and if it isn’t working for you, it is in your best interest to replace it with one that does.

With the right computer desk, you should have plenty of flat work surfaces, providing enough room to use your computer and keyboard comfortably. At your computer desk, you will have to arrange separate areas for using the computer and completing other projects including administrative jobs or paperwork. Creative Furniture Galleries offers contemporary office furniture from the following manufacturers: BDI, ALF Furniture, Creative Furniture, Unique Furniture, J&M Furniture and more.

The office is that place which should look professional & organized. Modern office furniture which suits the overall theme of the workspace is required to make the working environment comfortable. A modern workspace should look stylish & sophisticated where people enjoy working. The furniture used should not be too heavy like large tabletops or mirror furniture which can get broken easily if not taken care of. Instead, modern desks, sit-stand tables, pedestals, credenzas & other compact furniture could be used. It will make the office more spacious & less congested.

Enjoy a classy lifestyle by surrounding yourself with premium modern furniture, home decor & trendy accessories. Classics like mid-century furniture, metal paired up with a glass or general contemporary furniture is a go for your modern home space.