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 In 1923 Antonio Calligaris started his small business by producing “Marocca” chair, a classic model of the Manzano is in Friuli. In early stages there were a few machines and the majority of the work was done manually, mainly women who took care of weaving the seats and putting the finishing touches on the chairs. Later on Calligaris expanded its range with complete furnishing solutions: chairs, tables, beds, sofas, furnishing and decorative accessories. In 1998 Calligaris opened its first American subsidiary in High Point, North Carolina. Calligaris is Reliable for its “can do” attitude and passion, Ingenious – to offer smart products with intelligent design and Accessible in pricing, use and adaptability. Today, the extensive line of Calligaris furniture including chairs, tables, living room and bedroom furniture is found in modern homes worldwide.
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  1. 15% OFF
    Calligaris Medley Round Rug-Yellow
    Calligaris Medley Round Rug
    As low as $1,390.00
  2. 15% OFF
    Calligaris Medley Single-Color Rug, Large-Yellow
    Calligaris Medley Single-Color Rug, Large
    As low as $1,441.00
  3. 15% OFF
    Calligaris Medley Single-Colour Rug-Yellow
    Calligaris Medley Single-Color Rug
    As low as $982.00
  4. 14% OFF
    Calligaris Evan Ceramic Vase-Yellow
    Calligaris Evan Ceramic Vase
    As low as $77.00
  5. 15% OFF
    Calligaris Daphne Ceramic Vase-Yellow
    Calligaris Dafne Coloured Ceramic Vase
    As low as $126.00
  6. 15% OFF
    Calligaris Cathedral Design Candlestick-Yellow
    Calligaris Cathedral Design Candlestick
    As low as $189.00
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