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  1. Montecarlo Office Desk | ALF+( DA FRE)
    As low as $875.00
  2. Oceanum Writing Desk | ALF (+) DA FRE
  3. Mid Century Desk| ALF (+) DA FRE
  4. Tivoli 47" Office Desk | Alf + Da Fre
  5. Tivoli 66" Office Desk | Alf + Da Fre
  6. Tivoli 71" Office Desk | Alf + Da Fre
  7. Tivoli 47" Return Desk | ALF (+) DA FRE
  8. BDI Sigma 6901 Desk
    As low as $1,299.00
  9. BDI Corridor 6531 Modern L-Shaped Executive Desk
    As low as $4,099.00
  10. BDI Linea 6224 Modern Home Office Desk Return
    As low as $499.00
  11. BDI Linea 6223 Large Modern Home Office Work Desk
    As low as $999.00
  12. BDI Linea 6222 Slim Modern Console and Laptop Desk
    As low as $1,099.00
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Your modern office desk serves as the home base. Considering all the meetings you have to attend and clients you have to meet, your day begins and ends at the desk. This is your private space where you can safely store your computer, tools and important documents.

At Creative Furniture Store, we’ve got the right modern office furniture to accommodate all your professional work requirements. A few examples of our modern desks include corner desks, computer desks and executive desks. Each design is built with style, storage and durability in mind. We’ve got sturdy wooden desks that can blend in with a traditional space. Our metal designs give off an industrial vibe, making them suitable for modern offices.

We’ve also got desks equipped with hutches for extra storage and work space. The right modern office tables can seamlessly fit into any type of office space. It can help to keep the area neat and tidy. It can also easily fit into the existing décor of your office or home. View our extensive collection of modern office furniture today. Show Less