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BDI Sequel 20  6116 Lateral File Cabinet
As low as $1,549.00
BDI Centro 6416 Lateral File Cabinet
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If your office needs a little extra space to keep all the different files and other paperwork, you may want to consider a lateral file cabinet. These cabinets are larger than the traditional models, and can hold a lot more items securely. This will help ensure you are able to stay more organized and have everything you need right at your finger tips.

In addition to allowing better organization on the inside, these lateral files look great on the outside. They have a sturdy design so you can place just about anything on top of them, and their look will compliment any other furniture you have in the office. No matter what you plan on storing, you will love the look, feel and functionality of any of these high quality cabinet options. When you make your purchase, we will pack your items up safely and deliver them right to you.

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