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  1. Montecarlo Office Desk | ALF+( DA FRE)
    As low as $875.00
  2. Oceanum Writing Desk | ALF (+) DA FRE
  3. Mid Century Desk| ALF (+) DA FRE
  4. Tivoli 47" Office Desk | Alf + Da Fre
  5. Tivoli 66" Office Desk | Alf + Da Fre
  6. Tivoli 71" Office Desk | Alf + Da Fre
  7. Tivoli 47" Return Desk | ALF (+) DA FRE
  8. BDI Sigma 6901 Desk
    As low as $1,299.00
  9. KD02 Office Desk with Tall Shelves | J&M Furniture
    Special Price $966.00 Regular Price $1,299.00
  10. Cortex KD12 Office Desk with Storage Cabinet
    As low as $1,427.00
  11. Cortex Mia Office Desk
    Special Price $849.00 Regular Price $1,199.00
  12. Cortex Coach Office Desk
    Special Price $945.00 Regular Price $1,199.00
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Having the right office environment in your home can make it much easier to get your work done, or much more entertaining to spend time on the computer. Whether you just need something small, or you’re looking for a bigger option, we have exactly what you need.

As a leading office furniture store, we have an excellent selection of beautiful desks that will fit any area. We carry both modern desks and more contemporary desks, so no matter what you prefer, you’ll find what you want with us. Take some time to browse through all the desks for your office, and select the one that will work best for you. They are all crafted with the highest quality materials so you can enjoy it long into the future.

When you make your order, we can deliver it right to your home if you live in Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New Jersey, New York, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Texas or Florida.Show Less