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Theodore Alexander Hardy Byron Stool
Special Price $1,203.75 Regular Price $1,605.00
Elite Modern Elle Counter Stool
As low as $1,059.00
Elite Modern Elle Bar Stool
As low as $1,059.00
Calligaris Palm Upholstered Stool, Swivel
As low as $1,020.00
Calligaris Even Plus Upholstered Metal Stool With Swivelling Base Adjustable In Height
Calligaris Oleandro Upholstered Stool With Wooden Base
Calligaris Palm Polyurethane Foam Stool With Swivelling Base Adjustable In Height
Calligaris Tulij Stool With Selfskinning Polyurethane Seat Shell And Metal Frame With Swivelling And Height Adjustable Base

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When having friends or family over it is important to make sure that everyone can be comfortable in your home. One of the best ways to do this is to have counter stools available to sit on while snacking on appetizers, or enjoying a drink while talking.

You can place these beautiful counter stools in your dining room, or even in the kitchen depending on your home’s design. They are a beautiful addition that add a nice touch of style, as well as a comfortable place for people to sit. Each of these stools are made in Italy. They are beautifully crafted, and use only the highest quality materials available so they will retain their beauty for years to come.

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